Rubber Stamping Clipart – Save Money By Sending Artwork Direct To A Rubber Stamp Manufacturer


By following a couple of straightforward guidelines you are able to save money by creating rubber stamp artwork that a postage manufacturer can down load without any design input; stamp manufacturers think it’s great when artwork arrives which is’ready’ for production.

You may now be paying $12.00 for an unmounted, mass produced stamp in the shops, buying the same size stamp direct out of a rubberstamp manufacturer will probably soon be around $9.00 and be tailor designed for you!

This design instructions assume you’ve scanned a drawing into your pc or’ve located a bit of art and snapped the picture.

Design Strategies

The easiest stamp to produce by the manufacturing point of view is just one at which the art has a lineup thickness that will not fall under the minimum required. The minimum line depth that’s advocated is 0.2millimeters (0.00787 inch or 0.57 tip ), in case it will fall below this, the’wall how to manufacture a product ‘ of this part of the postage is jeopardized and may become distorted. Having said this, you are able to convert a picture with fine lines to a suited to stamp making.

Computer programs work with image data in many of other ways, such as apps like CorelDraw work with both Vector images (traces ) and bit map images (pixels), CorelDraw can be preferred program in making rubberstamps from pictures.

When scanning a drawing to your computer it can consistently load as a bitmap image, (a little like a photo in a paper ). This may be delivered directly to your stamp manufacturer so long as it is a grayscale scan and the line thicknesses don’t fall below the minimum. If the lines are too narrow you are able to convert the bit map image into vector data by employing a trace to the image. Programs that have tracing ability place a vector line across the lines or can be put to stick to the lines, these lines may then have a depth employed to produce sure they are convenient for rubber stamp making.

Complex drawing and examples may be made to rubber stamps; these may not contain many lines and look more like photographs. It is ideal to send a couple of distinct options of them to some stamp manufacturer; yet another option is to increase the brightness of this image then convert the bitmap to a straightforward grayscale image. Here it is best to select a rubberstamp manufacturer that’s familiar with these kinds of graphics, see below recommendations.

File Formats

These graphics that enter your computer have an expansion about that which format they’re in. You could get a graphic in the scan, a clipart disc or downloaded via your clip art support. A few are .eps and .wmf documents (Vector lineup format more prevalent for logos or line drawings) and many others jpeg that an .gif (Bitmap pixel pictures and illustrations)

Both image formats can create exemplary stamps; however simple graphics are always most useful in .eps and also .wmf format to allow you to readily manipulate line thickness at the event the traces are too thin.

Online Clip-art Services

There are lots of internet clipart services which provide exceptional clip art for rubber stamping; the most useful images are from services that are subscription based that charge per yearly or a image fee. If this doesn’t suit and you truly need to conserve money you should determine which service your rubber stamp manufacturer belongs to, then it costs nothing to search throughout the clip-art service that he belongs to since he is going to be the person downloading the pictures. This bit of lateral thinking and locating the right manufacturer will save you a great deal of money because you’ll never be required to pay for the clipart. is one of the best services that some manufacturers donate to; I guess over 3 million images at are suitable for postage production plus they’re fine with manufacturers employing the graphics for rubber stamps.

The craft stamp market is quite large indeed and a lot of individuals are still buying stamps that are massproduced because they don’t understand how to get yourself a’tailor made’ postage manufactured. So if you are into card making or scrapbooking and would like to find that’special stamp’ you should wind up a manufacturing company, it isn’t important where they’re on earth as unmounted stamps are thin and lightweight and can be posted easily.

A network of stamp manufacturers that offer stamps created from on the web clip art services are available online, at [] various manufacturers will make unmounted stamps from clip art or your artwork and ship the final stamps anywhere in the world.