Freelance Writers: 3 Pieces of Advice on Handling eBook Writing and Editing Jobs


Evidence? In a single 90-day time, I finished two eBook writing jobs; obtained a contract for the following one; and reacted to at least a half dozen requests for this kind of service.

As an independent author, including eBook editing and writing tasks into your list of solutions really can enhance your bottom line since they generally signify a chunk of cash at once.

But you need to take care when reserving these kinds of freelance writing projects since you may easily do the job for pennies if you are not careful. For this end, following are just three pieces of information about tackling these kinds of jobs freelance editing jobs.

1. Research: Each eBook requires study. Even in the event that you understand the subject matter , you are likely to get to do some kind of research. My suggestion here is to construct a minimal amount of hours for study on those kinds of jobs.

2. Client Vision: Writing is a creative undertaking; therefore, there’s no wrong or right answer – such as in mathematics for example. So every time a customer commissions an eBook out of you, bear in mind they likely have a vision; an notion about what they need – even though they are hiring somebody else to write it (you).

To be able to make certain their vision matches exactly what you provide themhave your eBook composing and editing prospects fill out a questionnaire that offers you important facts about the topic matter. The objective of this?

It can help you to provide the customer exactly what they need. Instead, this may also cut back on your writing and research time since it lays out the customer’s vision – in their own words.

3. A judgment about Pricing eBook Writing Jobs: In my writing firm, we have ghostwritten multiple eBooks for several customers. I believe that the reason that they keep coming back to us in addition to how they enjoy our style of writing – is they are aware of what they’re likely to cover since, where possiblewe limit the purchase price.

Since the purchase price of innovative jobs can escape control due to their very nature, this gives a feeling of relaxation for customers.

The estimated cost for this particular 10-page eBook is $1,200, but we could cap that at $1,050 in the event that you return the contract within one day and consent with stipulations within.
Freelancing may be an up-and-down fiscal presence. One reason I enjoy I performing eBook writing / editing tasks is as it is a chunk of cash at once, which is very good for padding the dry spells that freelancers experience at one time or another.

About the Writer: Yuwanda Black minds New Media Words, an Search Engine Optimization content writing firm she founded in 2008. The company provides many different professional, affordable solutions, such as ebook editing and writing. She is printed over 50 ebooks, the majority of which may be seen on her site, in addition to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and some other outlets.